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Project picture

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Programming - improvements

I used my project for some months now, and everything works very stable!

However, there are a few minor bug with the track-strings (TRACK/ARTIST/ALBUM):
  • The strings don't always refresh, but pressing play/pause solves this problem.
  • Showing some special characters is not handled. The iPod sends al characters as unicode. They need to be converted.
Though, I made some improvements to the LCD/FFT-part:
  • Now I use the ATMega644P. This one hase more RAM; I can use 10 bits A/D-samples now.
  • The output scale of the spectrum is now logarithmic. The spectrum looks better now.
The project source code is updated, and the location of the code is still the same. If you click the links in the previous posts, the code will be up-to-date.

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