Project picture

Project picture

Saturday, September 6, 2008

The programming

The project uses 2 microcontrollers from Atmel. In the main project, we use an ATMega162; in the LCD/FFT project, we use an ATMega32.

All the code is written in AVR Studio with AVR-GCC. The microcontrollers are programmed with an Atmel STK500.

The source code can be downloaded at the following location:


RGMTDCI said...

Hi Sthepan,very good job, congratulations!! im looking since 1month ago, to make only one AUX-IN for my Focus trought CD-Changer port. All the informations its older(the topics of the forums), nobody reply my emails(y try to contact directly whit Simon Fisher and Andy hammond), the info is only for yampp´s and dont appears any diagrams, schemetics or pcb...
You can help me??my biggest problem is that i dont kwon made and write the correct instructions for programing the ATmega162..
I only looking For a kwon made this??? this is my
Thanks for your help. BR

Александр said...

Hi very good job, what Fuse fo avr?
my email: