Project picture

Project picture

Saturday, September 6, 2008

The electronics

In my project, there are several parts that were implemented. Hereby, I summarize some things:
  • Automatic detection by the Ford head unit
  • Control of the iPod through iPod Advanced Remote commands. These commands are triggered by the commands of the head unit:
    • automatic power on/power off
    • automatic play/pause when selecting the CD-changer-input
    • automatic play/pause on mute from the car kit
    • skip next track and previous track
    • FF and REV
    • buttons '1' to '6': toggle play/pause, toggle shuffle, skip 3 albums fwd and rev, skip 1 album fwd and rev
    • display an own logo
  • Automatic charge of the iPod
  • Balanced audio input to eliminate noise
  • Graphical external display:
    • Show track info: title, artist and album
    • Show position in playlist
    • Show elapsed/remaining/total time
    • Show shuffle status
    • Show play status
    • Show spectrum analyzer

I made 3 PCB's:

  • Power supply with delayed power-off
  • Main PCB:
    • Interface for the ACP-port
    • Interface for the iPod-port
    • Unbalanced-to-balanced audio driver
  • Display PCB:
    • A/D conversion with FFT
    • Display driver
The main project - schematics (zipped EAGLE-project):

The main project - PCB (PDF):

The FFT/display-project - schematics (zipped EAGLE-project):

The FFT/display-project - PCB (PDF):


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